Why Energy Businesses Shouldn't Reinvent The Wheel

by Mark Hilmer on February 4, 2021


Every business is unique, but that doesn't mean each one has to reinvent the wheel.

Watch as Transformable Founder Mark Hilmer runs through the time and cost saving benefits of ready-made solutions and processes.


Video Transcript:

- Hi, my name's Mark, and I'm the founder of Transformable.

One of the most common mistakes we see with energy businesses undertaking a transformation is that they try and reinvent the wheel. So every business is unique and every person within that business is also unique. With that in mind, it's tempting to try and uniquely design every piece of that business and put it together in a kind of unique, massive jigsaw.

The trouble with that approach is that it takes a lot of time and effort to design every single one of those pieces and then put it all together and make sure that it works. These sort of transformations seem like they're forever in design mode and trying to come up with the absolute best solution for every step that justifies that sort of approach by saying that this business is unique and each of those pieces has to be unique to fit and to deliver the outcome.

The truth really is that while there are elements that need to be unique and they should generally be the ones that give you your competitive advantage, actually there's a lot of processes within your business that will be very similar to other businesses conducting very similar processes. And it's those processes where you can save a lot of time by using off-the-shelf solutions and processes rather than going through that extra level of time and effort to design every single one, just for you.