About Us

Our Purpose

At Transformable, the intersection of complexity and technology is what excites us.

Despite coming together through different career paths, our team is united by our vision to provide the best technology solutions. We love the way technology can solve problems and make the activities of a business and its staff more efficient.

We recognise the electricity industry is evolving, and existing businesses need to keep up with the demands of customers, regulators, suppliers, and governments. We thrive on helping companies adapt to these changes, and become more efficient in the process.

Transforming established businesses can certainly be a challenge (especially so for the electricity industry) but that is why we love it so much! We may be wired a bit differently, but the bigger the transformation mountain, the more excited we are when we reach the summit with our clients.

Our experience in successfully completing transformation projects has taught us valuable lessons in changing organisational structures, adapting processes and policies of operations, as well as migrating key technology platforms. Our people have all played key roles on these programs, so we walk the walk where others just talk the talk. 

Our Team


Mark Hilmer

Founder & MD

Growing up, I always had a passion for technology. From simple tasks like setting up a universal media remote, to more complex challenges like learning how to navigate my pc without a mouse, I was perpetually keen to get stuck in and get the most out of my devices.  

While I’ve now upgraded to a mouse, I still apply this passion to everything in life. Whether it be pursuing Bachelor of Engineering and MBA degrees at university, or putting my physical limits to the test with Ironman, I’m forever chasing the next big goal.

This driven nature and continued love of technology has shaped my career. I’ve developed an extensive track record of delivering electricity retail transformation projects, especially mergers, migrations, and market entries. As anyone who has been a part of one of these projects would know, such endeavours demand an ability to thrive under extremely uncertain and stressful conditions.

Some of the accomplishments I’ve achieved thus far include:

  • Delivering a consolidated customer service and billing system for Unitywater, a water utility company based in South East Queensland.
  • Scoping, planning, and producing a customer relationship management (CRM) system and billing data migration capability for Origin Energy.
  • Devising a transformed way of working for Powercor's back office and field technicians through use of the Salesforce platform, and integrating this into legacy on-premise systems.
  • Leading the development of several Salesforce initiatives under the CRM consolidation and Student First programs at Monash University.



Steve Alford

Lead Consultant

  • Steve has worked 10+ years in the utilities sector in both analyst and delivery roles
  • Delivered several migration and market entry projects for electricity & gas for retailers such as Click and Qenergy
  • Played a critical role helping SunWater migrate from a bespoke billing application to the Agility platform
  • Extensive knowledge on the workings of the energy market in Australia
  • Extensive knowledge of Australian electricity pricing including the various types of tariffs used by network and retailers



Guru Arumugam

Chief Technology Officer

Guru has over 16 years of experience delivering technology solutions within Utilities. During this time his knowledge & skills have been gained primarily on the ground, working within business, operations and technology functions as well as leading major core business and digital transformation programs.

Guru with a strong, open and transparent working style and proven business, consulting and technical acumen that allows him to understand, challenge and design, structure and deliver strategic business vision, objectives through effective deployment of people, processes & technology.

He is a self-motivated, thought leader with an aptitude for creative solutions building several digital, transactional, data and operational business solutions through which he has gained valuable experience in introducing modern technology platforms, architectures and services.



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