Case Study - Sanctuary Energy and Mojo Power: Market Transfers


Sanctuary Energy and Mojo Power - Market Transfers


  • Acquired by Mojo Power, Sanctuary Energy was an electricity retailer with around 4,000 customers in New South Wales & Queensland.
  • Mojo Power was the larger retailer, and had more advanced technology platforms, so the decision was made to move Sanctuary Energy customers into Mojo’s solution.
  • Sanctuary Energy’s customers were to be transferred to Mojo’s retail licence, which would allow the Sanctuary Energy licence to be sold or used for an alternative business.
  • Mojo Power had expected to use their existing sales process to transfer customers from Sanctuary Energy’s systems and licence. While this is a good approach, without certain modifications and thorough reporting, the migration ran into problems.

How Transformable Helped:

  • Transformable adjusted parameters and timings of the transfers process to make it easier to execute.
  • We developed plans to deal with exceptions that inevitably occur when pushing these types of market transfers.
  • Finally, transformable put in place a thorough reconciliation of customers and their balances to ensure the quality of the migration process.


  • With little investment in new capability, Mojo was able to transfer customers from Sanctuary Energy’s technology and license.
  • Using transformable’s advice, the approach was made robust and executed successfully.
  • Mojo Power has now saved from decommissioning SE’s systems and unlocked the value in the Sanctuary Energy retail license.



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