CRM Performance Check

CRM Performance Check

What is it?

An efficient CRM is vital to success in the energy industry, but with these platforms undergoing constant evolution, it can be difficult to identify which one best serves your needs.

Matched well to the needs of a business, CRMs allow you to harness data, draw insights from your customers, and offer more appealing products than your competitors. When matched poorly, they drain time and money, inhibiting the business' ability to expand.

To determine which CRM is best suited to your requirements, it's necessary to take stock of your current solution, whether it's performing as expected, and how it serves your current and future business plan.

Transformable's CRM Performance Check identifies the issues that cost your team time, any under-performing bottom line metrics, and where your business is constrained because of poor performance.

This service will:

• Review workflow effectiveness of key processes

• Review data quality, completeness

• Identify areas where the system is effective and where there are gaps

• Provide insights on relative performance and areas for improvement

• Allow you to make an informed decision about the best CRM for your business strategy.

From here, Transformable can then help you make a smooth transition to a more suitable CRM system.

The video below explains why these performance checks are a must.



How Much Does It Cost?

Transformable's comprehensive CRM Performance Check delivers the data you need to transform your system for just $7,900 AUD excluding GST.

How Long Does It Take?

Results are typically provided by Transformable within two weeks of starting the review.

How Do I Begin?

Start your CRM Performance Check by booking a virtual meeting with Transformable Director Mark Hilmer. You can do so via the link below.