Case Study - Mojo Power: New Product Launch


Mojo Power - New Product Launch


  • Mojo's legacy programs were complex to understand and administer, with narrow gross margins. 
  • Under its new executive team, Mojo developed an energy sourcing strategy that opened up new possibilities for Mojo products.
  • Mojo wanted the ability to update the price of its products quickly in response to changes in market conditions, such as competitors or the national energy market.

How Transformable Helped:

  • Transformable delivered product and pricing uploaders to create the new product and then easily insert new prices as they became available.
  • We implemented a workflow for online sales via Hubspot CRM, and the Gentrack Junifer billing platform.
  • A live dashboard in Hubspot was created to allow the sales team to actively convert new leads, and for management to monitor the performance of the campaign.


  • Customers signing up for the new product received a series of communications to assist with converting and setting up their Mojo account.
  • Mojo now has a workflow spanning their sales portal, CRM, and billing platform. This supports the sales team in the conversion of leads, facilitates customer on-boarding, and allows campaign performance to be monitored.
  • As new prices are formulated, Mojo can quickly get these to customers to optimise their product’s position in the market and ensure consistent flow of new customers.

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