Case Study - QEnergy: Billing System Migration


QEnergy - Billing System Migration


  • QEnergy are a Queensland-based electricity retailer with around 20,000 customers across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. Their products span residential, small and medium enterprises, along with large scale commercial and industrial.
  • QEnergy’s technology was supplied by legacy providers, and needed an upgrade to keep pace with competitor offerings.
  • QEnergy’s operations were handled internally, as well as being outsourced both locally and offshore.
  • While a new billing platform, Gentrack, would help QEnergy load data into their system, there were many activities in the migration that were beyond the QEnergy tech team’s capability.

How Transformable Helped:

  • Transformable developed a plan that gave visibility to the activities and skills needed to complete the migration project.
  • By organising QEenergy, Gentrack, and Transformable staff around a ‘scrum’ based work program, migration activities were completed based on critical path and risk minimisation.
  • Transformable’s methodology, including trials, dress rehearsals, and billing confidence testing, was completed through multiple cycles to thoroughly exercise the migration process and functions in the new solution.
  • Transformable’s risk and readiness assessments were presented to the QEnergy executive to show progress and demonstrate the quality of the process.


  • At Transformable’s recommendation, the QEnergy executive approved the production migration.
  • The migration was executed successfully, in line with the expected outcomes demonstrated by earlier practice runs.
  • Following the migration, QEnergy was able to realise benefits from the new cloud hosted billing platform, including automation of previously manually billed customers, and greater flexibility for new product offerings.


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