How To Tackle Your Transformation Project The Right Way

by Mark Hilmer on March 9, 2021


Are you guilty of making this mistake in business (or life in general)? Avoiding it will save time and money.


Video Transcript:

- Hi, my name's Mark and I'm the founder of Transformable. One of the common mistakes in energy retail transformations that we see is leaving the hard problems to the end.

So transformations are really big, important projects and there's a lot of pressure on the delivery executives to get it right. What that can often lead to is bringing all or doing all the quick wins, the low-hanging fruit, get some runs on the board in the project in the early days to show that they know what they're doing and it's going well. What that often leads to is a mistake where all of the hard problems end up getting pushed out to the pointy end of the project when, at the end, when there just isn't enough time to tackle these big problems and get them right and get them delivered.

The better approach is to pick the hardest problems in your transformation, bring them to the front end of the project, attack them with a prototype or a pilot, see how it works, let your team learn from those experiences early on, so they can then apply that to the rest of the project and you'll have a much better opportunity to realise all of the benefits from your transformation.