The One Thing All Winning Tech Transformations Have In Common

by Mark Hilmer on March 9, 2021


Though big in scope, tech transformations should be kept as focused as possible if they're to succeed.


Video Transcript:

- Hi, I'm Mark Hilmer, the Founder of Transformable. One of the common mistakes we see with energy retail transformation, is losing focus on the core results.

Big transformation projects don't come along in organisations all that often. So when they do, it is tempting to load them up with every little thing that you wanted to do in your business. Every little tech change you wanted to make but couldn't find the budget at the time. And after all, you've got a dedicated transformation project team to get it done, so it should be easy, right?

What ends up happening, is that it causes the team to lose focus. Commonly you'll hear the team say, while we're changing that, why don't we also just change this extra thing? The problem with doing this, is that it complicates the delivery process. So commonly you'll hear from your quality assurance team, what's this, what's this change? I wasn't expecting that. And then your development team will say, yeah, while we were there, we were asked to do X and Y as well. And all of a sudden your QA team is having to get across these additional changes they weren't expecting. They have to have to understand it, write test cases, understand how it's gonna fit in with the rest of the system, do the testing, and then pass it on to the implementation team who have to make sure that the business is actually ready to accept these extra changes, so that it doesn't blow up your business. So in summary, keep your team focused on just the key results. Just get that done, and keep your project on time and on budget.