Want Your Project To Be A Success? Set A Timeframe and Stick To It

by Mark Hilmer on February 10, 2021


When it comes to tackling those tough tasks, there's often no time like the present.

Slipping timeframes are in the spotlight in this 'common transformation mistakes' video.


Video Transcript:

- Hi, my name's Mark Hilmer, and I'm the Founder of Transformable.

One of the most common mistakes we see with energy retailers transforming their business is slipping their timeframe until there's absolutely no time left for quality assurance testing. See, transformation projects are hard to deliver. And as you go through that journey, you're going to hit obstacles, things are gonna happen, and you're gonna have to deal with issues. It's tempting to shift the milestones of your project backwards. And as is the instinct of every optimistic delivery manager, they're going to want to try and make up the time in the next phase and keep their status report green.

The problem is that the way this actually pans out is that you don't make up the time in the next phase. And usually you end up losing even more time in that phase. And this has a compounding effect on your timeline. And as you progress through the phases later and later and later, your project does eventually go into red anyway, and you end up with absolutely no time left for proper quality assurance testing. The way to avoid that mistake of course is to address the issue when it first comes up. Get into the root cause, address the issue, if you have to slip your schedule a little bit, do it early, fix the issue, and then progress with your project so you're not left with, not left high and dry with no testing and a project that's due to close.